Major Parts of a Fence, What Every Fence Needs

Major Parts of a Fence

Deciding to build a fence yourself is the start of an intensive but extremely rewarding project. Whether you want to build a small fence around a garden area, or construct a full-sized privacy fence, you need the right fencing materials before you can begin. There are a number of characteristics that all fences share, and it is important to recognize the most important parts of a fence so that you can be sure you have the right materials for the job.

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What Every Fence Needs

No matter what style or fencing material you need, every fence is built around posts. Whether wood, iron, or vinyl, posts keep a fence standing and stable in all types of conditions. Fence posts can be buried into the ground, secured in concrete, or held by fence post shoes.

After the posts are in place, they are then connected together using some type of railing material that runs horizontally across the whole fence. Again, the material used for the railing will depend on the type of fence being built. After railings are in place, the rest of the fence is constructed. This can include installing wood planks, panels to fill in the gaps, chain link, or other decorative elements like fence post caps.

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