Cedar Roofing Battens/Roofing Slats for Dallas Projects | Viking Fence Company

Why Our Roofing Battens are the Best

Roofing battens, or roofing slats, are formed from all sorts of raw materials, but our Western Red Cedar battens are the best quality and the best value around. Unlike our cedar battens, alternative materials, like pressure-treated lumber, use unnatural chemicals such as alkaline copper and copper azole which are corrosive to nails. Pressure-treated lumber treated with these chemicals requires special flashing and metal fasteners, which adds to the cost of roofing. That’s why our Western Red Cedar is the best option for roof battens, because they are 100% natural and require no special fasteners or flashing, which will reduce cost and warranty liability for you.

Why Western Red Cedar

There is no doubt that Western Red Cedar is a preferable, durable building material that has proven to last over time. The wood is superior to alternatives, especially synthetic materials. It naturally resists decay and mold and repels wood-consuming insects like termites and carpenter ants. Structurally, Western Red Cedar is strong and durable. It is also renewable and sourced sustainably from the Pacific Northwest forests.

Viking Fence Means Value

At Viking Fence, we mill select fence materials from Western Red Cedar from right here in North America. For every 4’ fence picket we mill at our yard, we yield a 1″ x 2” x 4′ roof batten so that no excess resource goes to waste. By transforming excess lumber in roofing slats, we can cut costs and reduce our prices on roof battens. Our roof battens are available for pick-up at our facility on Gray Blvd or for onsite delivery to you (minimum palette purchase required). Keep us in mind for all your roof batten needs.

Viking Fence’s Roof Batten Specifications

  • Compliant with most local building codes
  • 1” x 2” x 4’, in bundles of 24 sticks (96 linear ft.)
  • 1 palette = 50 bundles (4800 linear ft. of battens)
  • Two-ton truckload qty = 12 palettes (57,600 lin. Ft.)
  • Full truckload quantities = 40 palettes (192,000 lin. ft)
  • Full truckload purchases require a minimum of 48-hour notice
  • Green building product.