Temporary Fence Panels

Dallas Temporary Fence Panels

Fence panels offer the most in portability because of their ability to quickly scale to your needs as well as allow for dynamic perimeter control and configuration for optimal area coverage. This is why they are the primary choice for contractors and events coordinators. These fence panels require no tools to install and can seamlessly integrate atop several different surface types. Once your project or event is complete and the fence panels are removed from your area, they leave no trace or drill holes indicating they were there, returning the space to its original state.

Fence panels systems are ideal for temporary fence solutions like:

How Do Fence Panels Work?

The fence panels are inserted into stands for maximum stability and sand bags can be used to anchor them down for increased support. Fence panels come in different heights to meet your needs. Add features like swing gates, barbed wire, and privacy screening for additional purpose and functionality.

Fence panel features include:

  • Available in 12 foot sections and in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot heights
  • Fence panels have horizontal and vertical cross bars for added support
  • Optional sand bags can also be added for extra support
  • If dust or wind is a concern, we offer optional Windscreen / Privacy Screen rentals

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