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Run, Walk, and Cycling Events in Dallas-Fort Worth

For all of your run, walk, and cycling marathon events, our rentals at Viking Fence can help. We can provide reliable rental equipment and professional installation services so you’re able to plan your event with ease. Surround the starting and ending points with our durable temporary fencing, line the marathon path with portable, interlocking barricades, and place portable restrooms are key points throughout the event.


Fences And Barriers

Our temporary fencing is economical and secure—a great way to establish the area at the beginning or end of your event. We can provide top rails to temporary fencing when extra sturdiness is necessary, or windscreens for added privacy and protection against wind.

An excellent complement to our temporary fencing, interlocking barricades are the perfect solution to defining the path of a Dallas area marathon event. Whether for the attendees who are actively participating in the event, or those who are cheering from the sidelines, our barricade rentals excel at crowd control. Lightweight and free-standing, our barricades require no drilling and can be relocated when necessary.


Portable Sanitation Options

Once your fencing and barricading needs have been met, consider utilizing our portable restrooms and hand wash stations are key points throughout the event. Recessed and vandal-proof, our portable toilets can hold up at events of all sizes. Interior lighting is available for evening events, ensuring that attendees are able to safely use restrooms at any time of day. Our hand washing stations come equipped with up to 4-hand wash units, as well as soap or hand sanitizer dispensers — best placed near restrooms or concession areas.


Need Event Rentals? Call Viking Fence!

Viking Fence Dallas can provide the fencing, restrooms, and portable barricades you need to complete your event. With over 40 years of market presence and experience, we are the local provider you can trust. Have any questions about our rentals or installation services? Interested in receiving a FREE quote? Our staff is happy to help — call Viking Fence today!