Perimeter Security

High Security Fencing

Many commercial properties are high security areas; the premises either are dangerous to those on the outside, or the premises have valuable contents that need extra protection. In either of these situations, commercial properties can really benefit from a high security fence.

High security fencing has a number of commercial applications. If your business or property has valuable or harmful contents, contact the Austin commercial fencing installers of Viking Fence Company today at 1-800-252-8117.

Types of High Security Fencing

There are some fences that have built-in security features, but most commonly, this is not the case. Most high security fencing consists of standard fences with certain add-ons that offer more protection than standard fencing.

  • Barbed wire
  • Access control systems
  • Electrical current

These fences can be used for any number of properties, including industrial plants, prisons, and zoos and parks. At Viking Fence Company, we also have experience with government contracting, so if your high security fencing need is for a government project, we have you covered.

Many commercial properties, depending on the industry, are actually required to be fenced in; if your business is in one of these industries, a fence can help you reduce your liability and comply with the law.

Viking Fence is proud to offer design, installation and service support for industrial customers requesting a sensor-vibration intrusion detection system. Viking Fence is a trained and certified service/installation dealer for the Fiber Patrol Product line.

The Fiber Patrol® product family provides a suite of application specific fiber-optic based intrusion detection and alarm management solutions. These systems are capable of locating the point of intrusion to within 10’s of feet over sensor runs as long as 60 miles. Today Fiber Patrol® is deployed to protect commercial airports, government sites, power generation plants, solar farns, and water treatment facilities as well as other high profile and critical infrastructure sites.

Please contact our own in-house access control division for more information.

Viking Fence’s Access Control Division can help you secure your facility with design, installation and service for vehicle barricades, bollard systems, gates and beam barricades.

Viking has partnered with Delta Scientific to offer the best in vehicular access control. Delta’s certified barricades, bollards, gates and beam barricades stop vehicles dead in their tracks. In fact, like the DSC501 originally certified at K12 and now tested at K54 (5.4 million foot-pounds), many will stop much heavier vehicles going faster than the K12 certification standard.

Delta offers a wide range of products designed to secure your facility. Please contact our access control division for more information.

If your plans and specifications call for a electrified fence. Viking Fence’s Access Control Division can help you secure your commercial facility with the correct system.

Viking has partnered with Gallagher North America, the leader in electric fence systems, to bring you installation, service and support for your electric fence requirements. Gallagher offers stand-alone non-lethal perimeter security electric fence systems. Gallagher systems can interface with intruder alarm, access control, security systems that arm and disarm zones, and alarm monitoring and signaling. An electric fence features electrical pulses that deliver and uncomfortable or painful shock to a person standing on the ground who touches the electrified wire.

Please contact our access control division for more information about Gallagher Electric Fence systems.

Viking Fence’s Access Control Division can help you control the flow of traffic with the right parking control gate for your application. Viking’s certified technical team can install and service your parking control system with products and components from leading manufacturers, like Door King, Lift-Master, Linear, High Security and Delta Scientific.

Viking can offer and install a wide range of products in parking control, ranging from standard low/high traffic solutions to industrial and high security parking control arms.

Please contact our access control division for more information about Gallagher Electric Fence systems.

Viking Fence’s Access Control Division can provide guard booth installation along with the integration of parking control gate hardware, access control equipment and camera surveillance solutions. As you can see, Viking can be your one-stop shop for controlling the perimeter of your facility. Please call the experts at Viking Fence to discuss which guard booth offering makes the most sense for your security needs.

Our trained installation personnel can install and service every facet of your perimeter protection solution so that you only have to deal with one company, Viking Fence. When you think Perimeter Security, think Viking Fence.

Viking Fence’s Access Control Division can help you integrate your access control system with your camera surveillance system. Video surveillance cameras allow you to monitor events at your commercial and/or residential property while creating a permanent visual record and providing a deterrent to potential trespassers. Current systems allow our customers to access their camera surveillance system remotely via PCs and handhelds. Let us show you how you can control your perimeter with the right camera surveillance system.

Please contact our access control division for more information about how to integrate your access control systems with camera surveillance.

HySecurity Products

At Viking Fence Company, we are committed to supplying our customers with state of the art fencing and gate products. Individuals who are looking for maximum security gates for their fencing installations may consider a gate operator from HySecurity.

HySecurity designs and manufactures a number of gate products used in many security-sensitive settings. To learn more about high security gate installations, contact the Austin and Dallas high security gate representatives of Viking Fence Company at 1-800-252-8117.

Since the 1960s, HySecurity has been a leading manufacturer of high security gate operators. Their products are used in sensitive locations including the United Nations, Fort Knox, and federal government buildings. While their focus is primarily upon correctional facilities, HySecurity does offer gate operators for commercial use.

HySecurity offers a number of gate operators, including operators for:

  • Sliding gates
  • Swinging gates
  • Lifting gates
  • Hydraulic arm gates

What sets HySecurity apart from other gate operators is that they design their products for repeated, long-term use. Each of their product designs undergoes rigorous testing and millions of cycles before being marketed to the public. HySecurity prides its gate operators in being effective and low-maintenance.

Individuals interested in a HySecurity gate operator should contact an experienced Austin and Dallas gate representative at Viking Fence Company for more information.