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Viking Fence proudly offers Ameristar Fence Products on all of our ornamental iron fencing projects. We are an authorized distributor and installer of Ameristar products, which are 100% American made. Ameristar is also the only American architectural metal fence company that sets quality controls for all stages of manufacturing and monitors the entire production from within their factories. If you are looking for a fence product that offers the greatest strength, durability, and value, ornamental iron fencing is the ideal choice.

At Viking Fence, we offer the following Ameristar fence lines: Montage, Montage Plus, Aegis (for residential and light commercial use), and Impasse (for heavy industrial use). To learn more about our iron fencing products and services, contact our Dallas Ameristar iron fence professionals today at 1-800-252-8117.

Montage and Montage Plus are ornamental fencing options designed for residential or light commercial projects. Both options are backed by our company warranty so that you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality product that will last.

Ameristar materials combined with Viking Fence installation allows us to deliver first-rate fencing that cannot be topped by the competition. If you look around your neighborhood, you will likely find that many of the iron fences have been constructed by Viking Fence with Ameristar products.

Montage Features

Fusion welded construction Rackable to follow grade of land
Dupont E-coat finish Stainless steel brackets and security fasteners
5/8″ square picket Heights available: 4′, 4.5′, 5, 6′
Top rail size = .0790″ x .075″ 20 year limited warranty
Side rail size = 1.235″ x .075″

Montage Plus Features

Fusion welded construction Rackable to follow grade of land
Dupont E-coat finish Priced to be viable option vs. chain link/barb fence
3/4″ square picket Heights available: 4′, 4.5′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′
Top rail size = 1.4375″ x .075″ 20 year limited warranty
Side rail size = 1.5″ x .075″

The Aegis II and Aegis Plus offer attractive, elegant ornamental iron fencing options that go above and beyond the traditional iron fence. These options include detailed fencing features that are assembled so that the fence provides a seamless “good neighbor” appearance. There are no exposed fasteners between parts and the fencing does not contain any rivets, screws, or welds.

To promote greater strength and durability against weathering, the Aegis II and Aegis Plus are both made of galvanized steel that has been reinforced with a G-90 hot dip zinc coating. This process creates a long-lasting fencing product that will stand up to years of weathering and aging.

Aegis II / Aegis Plus Features

Meets Buy America Act For Government Facilities & Funded Projects
No Exposed Welds – Good Neighbor Profile Tamper Proof Security Fasteners
8′ Panel – 25% Less Materials & Labor (6′ avail) Biasable Design – (24″-30″ over 8′)
Maintenance Free 10 Year Warranty

Impasse is the most secure and industrial ornamental fencing model offered by Ameristar and installed by Viking Fence. It provides a degree of security that other fencing types simply cannot match. If you are looking for a strong security fence for heavy commercial applications, the Impasse possesses the features that you need. Vertical spears of galvanized steel are attached to steel rails and sturdy I-beam posts to provide a formidable defense for your property.

The design of the Impasse security fence allows it to be combined into a more comprehensive security system that may include anti-ram cables, sensors, and alarm systems. We confidently stand by the durability of the materials and the quality of the installation that we offer, and we include a comprehensive warranty with any Impasse fencing project to back our satisfaction guarantee.

Impasse Features

Integrated Design Allows For Installation For Anti-ram Applications And IDS Equipment
Meets Buy America Act For Government Facilities & Funded Projects
Tamper Proof Connection Points Eliminates Casual Breach Attempts
Biasable Design – (24″-30″ over 8′) 15 Year Warranty

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If you are looking for an attractive, durable ornamental iron fence that will stand the test of time, there is no better fencing combination than Ameristar materials with Viking Fence construction.

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