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We Specialize in Western Red Cedar Wood Fences

Viking Fence is proud to be the only fencing company in Texas to own and operate its own lumber mill, where we produce and treat our top-quality Western Red Cedar fencing materials. Western Red Cedar is the very best wood fencing option available – prized the world over for its beauty, its durability, and its naturally resilient qualities. And, it has virtually no carbon footprint.

The Dallas wood fencing experts of Viking Fence can help you with any residential or commercial fencing application you may need. To discuss your needs with us in more detail and to get a rate-quote for your project, please contact us today by calling 1-800-252-8117.

Western Red Cedar Benefits

  • A renewable resource
  • Dimensional stability
  • Decay resistance
  • Attractive finish & workability
  • Resistance to termites and wood borers
  • Environmentally friendly

Select Board Grade Picket Options

Best Picket on The Market

  • 5/4″ board (actual thickness = 1″)
  • Appearance grade
  • Smooth on all 4 sides, available in
    5″ & 6″ widths (call for availability)

Our Most Popular Picket

  • True 3/4″ – thick board
  • Different lengths, and in various grades
  • Rough-sawn, in 4″ and 6″ widths
  • Graded for tight, sound knots

Best Value in The Market

  • True 3/4″ – thick board
  • Builder’s grade picket
  • Rough-sawn, in 4″ and 6″ widths
  • No hole at time of grading (some knotholes will develop)

How Does the Competition Stack up to Viking’s Western Red Cedar?

Viking's Western Red Cedar & Yellow Stuff

Fence and Picket Styles

At Viking Fence, we take pride in offering a wide variety of board options, including straight, dog-ear, French-gothic, and gothic in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot lengths and in various grades. We can provide you with all types of wooden fences, including privacy, semi-privacy, shadow-box, horizontal, and custom options. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them.

The Highest Quality of Wood Fences

Most of the fencing industry has moved to using 5/8”- or even 1/2″-inch thick pickets. Not us. At Viking, it is important to us to continue offering the very best picket options possible. We continue to mill 3/4″ pickets for all of our customers. We are also the only company in Texas to offer 5/4”-inch fence boards.


Western Red Cedars grow in British Columbia, Canada, and the government there restricts annual harvesting to just 1% of the overall stock. Furthermore, the Ministry of Forests requires logging companies to reforest public lands to compensate for the offset of harvesting. According to the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, three trees are planted for every one harvested. When you choose Western Red Cedar fences, you know that you are helping the environment as well as getting a top-quality product.

Naturally Decay-Resistant

Western Red Cedar is prized for being naturally decay-resistant, requiring neither kiln-drying nor chemical treatment to repel rot and decay. And, because it doesn’t need treatment, it has a low carbon footprint.


Prone to warping and decay, pine has none of the natural qualities which make Western Red Cedar a superior fencing material.

Chinese Cedar/Fir

Advertised as an inexpensive high-quality alternative to Western Red Cedar, Chinese Cedar may not even be a member of the cedar family. Instead, it is probably a member of the fir family and has failed to live up to the reputation other fencing companies have tried to give it.

Spruce and Douglas Fir

Like pine, these options are quick to decay, and even lack dimensional stability. Simply put, there is a good reason it’s so inexpensive.