Ready Seal

At Viking Fence, we offer only the highest quality products for all of your fencing needs. One of the most common projects fence owners undertake is staining or re-staining wood fences. Stains offer protection from UV rays and water damage while enhancing the appearance of the wooden planks. Choosing a sealant can be a challenge, but our fencing professionals stand by Ready Seal as the only option for effective and long lasting oil-based sealants.

Why Choose Ready Seal

Ready Seal is designed for do-it-yourself fencing projects. This semi-transparent sealant is created in a way that will allow someone with minimal fencing experience to extend the life and improve the look of their wooden fence. By offering a streak free and run proof application system, Ready Seal is a sealant option that is both simple and reliable.

Sealants and stains provide an effective and easy way to protect fencing from mold and algae growth, sun damage, and warped wood from water exposure, while also improving the aesthetic appeal of the fence. Ready Seal can be applied at any temperature, does not require sanding or stripping to re-seal, and can be exposed to water after only an hour.

Contact Us

For more information about Ready Seal and any other fencing supplies you may need, contact the fencing professionals of Viking Fence at 1-800-252-8117. We are happy to discuss any fencing questions you have and we can explain the way our team of specialists can help you with your home fencing projects.