Save Money with Viking Fence Dallas | Mill-Direct Material Sales

How Much Can You Save With Mill-Direct Materials From Viking Fence & Cedar Supply?

Below are tables comparing Viking Fence’s quality products and low pricing compared to other wholesale fencing material distributors. The difference is clear – trust Viking Fence with all of your Dallas-area fencing needs.

Component Viking Fence Other Wholesale Distributors
Sample Linear Footage 200 ft 200 ft
Height of Fence 8′ tall 8′ tall
Style 3-rail privacy fence with cap & trim 3-rail privacy fence with cap & trim
Posts galvanized light commercial galvanized light commercial
Post Distance every 8 feet every 8 feet


Major Component Quantity Viking Fence Price/Ea Viking Fence Extended Cost Competitor Avg Price/Ea Competitior Avg Extended Cost
1x6x8 #2 Residential Grade Fence Pickets 456 $3.84 $1,751.98 $4.44 $2,027.49
2x8x16′ Cedar 13 $18.76 $243.82 $28.54 $371.07
1x4x6′ Cedar – for trim 33 $1.13 $37.57 $2.80 $93.33
2x4x12′ Cedar Appearance Grade Fence Rail 75 $10.56 $792.00 $10.80 $810.00
2 3/8 x 10′ Galv BSS Post 25 $16.61 $415.25 $16.69 $417.29


Viking Fence Total Competitor Avg Total Total Savings
$3,240.62 $3,710.18 $478.56

Lower your fence-building costs by 13% when you buy from Viking Fence Dallas.

Attention Contractors!!!   Eligible Wholesale business would qualify for an additional 10% discount on the prices above!!!!   That’s a savings of 23% vs. other competitors.

Note: estimate does not include any wood gate hardware and other misc. items. These are only the
major components of this fence project (i.e. lumber and steel). Viking Fence purchases attaching
hardware in bulk so prices are guaranteed to be very competitive on those items as well.

* Viking Fence Pricing based on 2015 Summer Promo