Special Events

At Viking Fence, we understand the amount of planning, budgeting, and creativity required to organize an event. We also understand exactly where and how our rental equipment can help. Having trouble deciding between chain link fencing or barricades for your event? Unsure which kind of portable toilet would be best for your budget? With decades of experience under our belts, we are both happy and qualified to help you find the best options for your event.

Dallas Event Rentals

The success of any event depends, in part, on careful planning and preparation. While you’re focused on the planning, let Viking Fence Dallas help with the preparation. From fencing to sanitation, our selection of rental equipment can match your needs and your budget.

Concerts, Festivals, and Sporting Events

When your event calls for a large amount of people in one location, our durable rental equipment is up to the task. Here are some of the ways we can help prepare for such an event:

Temporary fencing provides a secure and affordable option for establishing the boundaries of a concert, festival, or sporting event, and hand wash units help to promote sanitary conditions—especially important for events with families and children. Because these kinds of events can sometimes span days, or even weeks, consider renting our portable toilets with up to twice-per-week restocking and maintenance visits by our service professionals.

Parades, Marathons, and Public Events

Unlike concerts or festivals, events that are more spread out can bring about a different set of rental needs. Whether your event spans a few city blocks or several country miles, Viking Fence has you covered:

Our interlocking barricades are the perfect solution to establishing the path of a marathon or parade. Because they are lightweight and freestanding, these barricades can be relocated on site as necessary. Restroom trailers (available in ADA-compliant variants), located at key points throughout a public event, provide a service to attendees, and hot/cold sinks are perfect for any outdoor dining areas.

Emergency Area Containment

Whether you’re planning ahead or haven’t had a chance to plan at all, Viking Fence is ready to help. Our reliable equipment provides crucial support during an emergent event:

  • Crowd control solutions
  • Secure fencing and gates
  • Portable sanitation

Secure an area with our temporary fencing (available with top rails, tension wires, windscreens, and barbed wire), or establish crowd control with our easy-to-install interlocking barricades. For emergencies that demand continued effort, our portable restrooms and hand wash units are both durable and easily relocated, if necessary.

Planning an Event in Dallas? Call Viking Fence!

Let Viking Fence take care of your rental needs. With over 40 years of market presence and experience, Viking Fence is the local provider you can trust. Have any questions about our rental equipment? Interested in receiving a FREE quote? Our Dallas staff is happy to help — call today!