Specialty Toilets

Rent Specialty Toilets for Dallas Events and Construction

For instances where the unique placement or relocation of an outdoor toilet takes priority, we offer a variety of options. Road crews, for examples, might find that the Towable Unit is a practical alternative to stationary outdoor toilets. High-rise construction projects crunched for space can utilize the compact High-Rise Cut-Off Unit. No nearby power sources? Try our Portable Toilet with Power Source combo unit. Our specialty rental toilet selection provides effective solutions to a wide range of work area conditions.

Towable Sanitation Units

The Towable Unit is ideal for any site that is on the move. Firmly attached to their own trailer, our Towable Units are easily relocated while traveling along city roads, farm roads, or even highways. This unit features both a standard toilet seat as well as a side-mounted urinal. Along with a domed roof, six wall vents for maximum ventilation, and a toilet paper dispenser, the Towable Unit includes everything in one easily-movable package. Available with or without a fresh water sink with foot pump.

High-Rise Cut-Off Unit

The High-Rise Cut-Off Unit is ideal for construction sites where space is limited. Attached wheels make this mobile unit easy to relocate throughout the work site, and its compact form accommodates elevator transportation. Heavy-duty wheel locks provide stability when this unit is stationary. It also includes a lockable door, standard toilet seat with lid, and toilet paper dispenser.

Combo Unit – Portable Toilet with Power Source

For a different kind of space-saver, consider the Portable Toilet with Power Source Combo Unit. The framework and provisions of this unit allows for connection with overhead or underground electrical sources, and the attached power source includes one 220v outlet and two 110v outlets. (Configurable for 100 or 200 amp applications.) Equipped with a lockable door, side-mounted urinal, and optional fresh water sink with foot pump, this option is especially useful in instances where standard power sources are not easily accessible.

High-Rise Units with Hooks

Adapted for transportation via crane, the High-Rise Unit with Hooks is easily integrated into any hard-to-reach work site. In addition to the attached metal straps, this unit comes equipped with a lockable door, toilet seat with lid, toilet paper dispenser, and optional fresh water sink with foot pump. Perfect for elevated or recessed work sites with crane access.

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