Manufactured Western Red Cedar Products

At Viking Fence Dallas, we proudly manufacture and distribute high-quality products. This allows us to use our own quality materials when building premium fences for our customers. As professional builders, installers and repairers in fencing, we know how important is it to use quality materials to make a fence last. This is why we almost exclusively use Western Red Cedar for our wood fences. Straight from the Pacific Northwest, Western Red Cedar is the ideal material for building fences because of its natural and sturdy composition. Known for its straight and continuous grain and its resistance to decay, Western Red Cedar is best type of wood for building. Since we mill our own Western Red Cedar lumber in Austin (Western Red Cedar Manufacturing), we are able to provide a variety of products for our customers.

Thick High-Quality Picket Fencing

Unique 4-foot pickets
6 & 8-foot fence pickets
3/4″ thick or more
Different grades and styles

Tree Boxes/Planters

Reusable and easy to use
Perfect for those who run nurseries or tree farms
Enhance your garden or patio/deck

Cedar Sawdust

100% chemical-free sawdust
Available at pick up by the truckload at our mill

Versatile, Beautiful and Long-Lasting Cedar

Western Red Cedar is the ideal fencing material because of its versatility, attractive appearance, and sturdiness. This type of wood is a very durable American softwood that can be manufactured in a variety of cuts and still keep its integrity. Naturally, Western Red Cedar has a reddish tint that looks great unfinished, but for those who are not going for the natural look, Western Red Cedar can easily be painted, coated or stained. The best quality about Western Red Cedar is its durable composition and ability to retain its shape even in extreme climates. Whatever your project is, rest assured that Western Red Cedar will stand the test of time.

Quality and Affordability from Viking

Since we own and operate our own lumber mill in Texas, we guarantee the quality of our lumber and can provide the lowest prices for quality Western Red Cedar products. We can ensure low prices because we cut out the middle-man by manufacturing our own lumber. Not only do we provide low prices, but we can provide a variety of grades, cuts, and styles of fencing to fit your needs. Another way we can reduce cost is by utilizing every inch of lumber for other products like tree planter boxes, roofing battens, and sawdust. All excess or defective wood that doesn’t meet our high standards gets re-purposed into other products.

No matter what your Dallas project is, you can count on us to provide you the best materials that will last you years to come.

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