Parts of a Picket Fence, Materials and Options

Parts of a Picket Fence

Mostly found around residential homes, picket fences are a very unique and different fencing option for anyone looking for a decorative as well as useful fence for their property. In fact, the white picket fence is often associated with the “American Dream” and in many cases evokes a sense of peace and happiness. Picket fences can add an aesthetically pleasing element to your property, but despite their somewhat simple appearance, they can be very difficult to construct properly.

If you are considering erecting a picket fence around your home, you first need the right materials. At Viking Fence, our Dallas fencing experts can not only provide you with the materials, but we can also supply you with the trained professionals to build your fence right the first time. Contact us today at 800-252-8117 for a free estimate.

Picket Fences

The backbone of the fence is in the fence posts. The fence posts are buried into the ground and held in place, most often with concrete. After the posts are set in place, the contractor can then begin building the rest of the fence.

In addition to the posts, the two primary parts of a picket fence are the pickets and the crosspieces. The pickets are usually made of wood and are placed in the ground to make up the body of the fence. The pickets are then connected using crosspieces that run horizontally along the fence. You can also add decorations to the fence such as post caps or other features like gates.

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