Gate Operators and Wireless Intercoms

Viking Fence is proud to be one of the few select vendors for this premium line of products from Maximum Controls. At Viking Fence, we understand the importance of providing quality products and unbeatable service. Maximum Controls is no different—their gate and intercom inventory shows a clear commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability.

Swing Gate Operators

Our commercial grade swing gate operators offer high traffic and high performance yield throughout a long lifetime. We offer our gate operators in high-profile or low-profile variations to suit your needs.

Slide Gate Operators

Our commercial grade slide gate operators offer high traffic and high performance yield throughout a long lifetime. We offer a heavy duty (1,500 to 2,200 lbs) operator and the industry’s fastest operator.

Wireless Intercoms

Operate hands free in full duplex audio with background noise immunity. Powerful 900MHZ technology. It’s just the solution you need to accompany your sliding gate or swing gate installation.

Quality Products

With military-grade materials and build quality, Maximum Controls products are made to last. Every Maximum Controls gate operator is built with a Brushless DC Motor for superior performance when it comes to operator life, speed torque characteristics, efficiency, speed ranges, energy consumption, and audible noise. Combined with mechanical specifications like heavy-duty gearboxes, solid steel output shafts, and vandal-proof enclosures, you’re guaranteed to find a quality product anywhere you look in this line of gate operators and intercoms from Maximum Controls.

Innovative Design

Maximum Controls products have been designed by teams with over 40 years of experience in the gearbox industry. As a result, many of their products lead the way in terms of innovation:

  • Modular gate operators allow for component customization and are adaptive to nearly any layout
  • Controllable security parameters mean that your gates are always as secure as you need them to be
  • USB diagnostics systems help to ensure efficient and accessible servicing when necessary
  • Wireless intercom technology boasts an impressive 4000ft of uninterrupted long-range audio communication


Reliable Service

Quality materials and innovative design add up to reliable service—Maximum Controls offers some of the best-protected and most reliable products on the market. Between long-lasting warranties, lightning protection, and battery backup systems, these gate operators and intercoms are ready for anything:

  • 2 to 8-year warranties available on all products
  • Lightning protection of up to 20KVolts and 10Kamp on all inputs and outputs (44 channels)
  • Solar ready battery modules, dual-motor overcurrent safety shut offs, and selectable battery backup functions in case of power failure

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