Aeromax 100, 200, and 200K | Efficient Long-Range Wireless Intercoms

Whether you need a wireless intercom for your home, ranch, business, or worksite, Aeromax is up to the task. Aeromax intercoms work with all electronic gate systems and are capable of transmitting audio communication from up to 4000ft (direct line of sight) away. Audio based on 900 MHz (1000mW) technology means that messages will always come through, regardless of surrounding architecture or weather. We offer the following Aeromax models for combined use:

Aeromax 200

Aeromax 200k

Aeromax 100

  • Aeromax 200, Outdoor Wireless Intercom (without keypad)
  • Aeromax 200K, Outdoor Wireless Intercom (with stainless steel keypad)
  • Aeromax 100, Indoor Desktop Unit for Wireless Intercoms

Can I use multiple Aeromax intercom systems within the same location?

Absolutely. Multiple outdoor and indoor units can be utilized within a facility, and each outdoor unit can be assigned a unique “access point ID.” And, because wireless Aeromax intercoms are designed to easily incorporate solar panels for power, they can be placed in remote locations and adapt to practically any facility layout.


How user-friendly are the Aeromax intercom systems?

Very! Aside from easy installation and wireless design, Aeromax intercoms come with features like:

  • Simple dashboard-style interface for visual guidance during the installation process
  • Signal and status LEDs (bar graph and multi-color) for at-a-glance indications of radio range performance and signal strength
  • Full-duplex speakerphones with background noise immunity for easier communication
  • “Request-To-Exit” (RTE) switch support


Are Aeromax intercoms protected against weather events and vandalism?

In addition to a 2-year warranty, each Aeromax intercom system is equipped with weatherproofing and anti-vandalism measures such as:

  • Laser-marked keypad graphics with 3 programmable outputs, immune to dust and water damage
  • Built-in lightning protection, immune to 20KVolts
  • Secure communication link with proprietary encryption
  • Vandal-resistant stainless steel outdoor enclosure

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