The Benefits of Western Red Cedar, Color and Strength

The Benefits of Western Red Cedar

With all of the available lumber options, what sets Western Red Cedar apart as a fencing material? Oftentimes, fences will be made of pine or fir woods, but none of these types of wood have the durability and natural beauty of Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is also protected so that more trees are being planted than are being harvested at any given time. This gorgeous natural resource is a great choice for a superior fence.

Western red cedar is a wise choice for fences because of its ability to adapt to different weather conditions by absorbing and wicking away moisture. This type of fencing material is very popular for a number of reasons. Four benefits of western red cedar are:

  1. No harmful chemicals are leached away and into the environment
  2. Stain-resistant
  3. Very durable and resistant to rotting
  4. Aesthetically pleasing


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[quote align=”center”]A western red cedar fence not only provides security and safety, but it also makes a statement in style and aesthetics around your home or business.[/quote]

Why Choose Western Red Cedar?

Though there are many different options available for the construction of wood fencing, there are few which carry as much appeal or offer as many benefits as western red cedar. It is notable for its strength and reliability, two traits which are invaluable to a homeowner or business owner seeking to erect a new fence. It is a popular wood choice for outdoor structures and in humid areas.

Western Red Cedar cannot be mistaken for any other wood. Its distinctive red hue and strength are not matched by any other type of lumber that is commonly used for fencing material. Other companies may use lesser materials in the name of saving money, but these woods will be prone to rot, termites, and structural instability much faster than a Western Red Cedar fence. The following benefits make a Western Red Cedar fence a beautiful and lasting addition to your home:

  • Distinctive red color
  • Resistance to termites and other pests
  • Resistance to decay
  • Environmentally-sustained product


Contact Your Dallas Fencing Experts

When you are considering a wood fence for your property, it is important that you work with a professional team that can help you to design and install a fence that suits your needs. We find that western red cedar is a sound choice for most. For assistance, contact the experienced and qualified Dallas fencing experts of Viking Fence today at 1-800-252-8117.