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Green Building

At Viking Fence, we are committed to offering guilt-free, green-friendly products. Preserving the environment is an important task for all of us, and we are dedicated to doing our part to help. We offer a wide array of environmentally friendly fencing products, including products made with Western Red Cedar. Prized for its beauty and durability, Western Red Cedar is one of the greenest products on the market.

If you are interested in protecting the environment and getting a great product, contact the Dallas fencing experts at Viking Fence today by calling 1-800-252-8117.

A Renewable Resource

The Western Red Cedar is native to British Columbia’s enormous coniferous forests. A strong and durable building material, it is unique in that it needs virtually no treatment. The British Columbia Ministry of Forests is determined to protect their valuable natural resource, and place significant limits on the amount of lumber that can be harvested every year. Approximately 11.2 million board-feet of Western Red Cedar are harvested every year – a number that seems enormous but accounts for less than 1% of British Columbia’s growing population.

The forests are maintained through carefully calculated allowable harvesting limits. Every five years – fewer in some cases – the growing population is reviewed and new annual harvesting limits are drawn up. Additionally, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association estimates that there are approximately three trees planted for every one harvested, ensuring that these amazing trees will be there for generations to come.

Beauty and Durability

Western Red Cedar is more than just an environmentally friendly building material. Its lumber is beautiful – far more so than treated pine. And unlike pine, it requires no extensive treatment to make it rot-resistant.

The Dallas fencing experts at Viking Fence are committed to offering a great product at a reasonable price. We carry Western Red Cedar products because we believe they are the most beautiful, most durable, and most environmentally friendly products on the market. We are committed to protecting the environment through the products we offer and the business decisions we make.

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At Viking Fence, our goal is to meet and surpass your fencing needs. To learn more about how we can provide you with a beautiful and environmentally friendly Western Red Cedar fence, contact our Dallas green building experts today by calling 1-800-252-8117.