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Rentals For Dallas Parades & Public Events

Few events require more planning and organization than parades. Fences, barricades, and portable restrooms are crucial to the successful execution of any public event, and parades are no exception. Imagine the parade accidentally marching down an unmarked road, attendees crowding local businesses solely for restroom access, or traffic edging into the parade route. Don’t let your planning go to waste — call Viking Fence Dallas for rental resources that will help any parade or public event go smoothly.


Barricades for Crowds

Our crowd control barricades are an excellent resource for organizing all the action of parades; participants can proceed along a route with confidence, and attendees can arrange conveniently along demarcated areas. Because our barricades are free standing and require no drilling, they can be rearranged when necessary and won’t damage the area with unnecessary holes. Best of all, setup is a cinch with the assistance of our barricade installers.


Temporary Restrooms & Hand Wash Stations

Parades and public events are a great way to draw customers to local businesses, but not when all of the foot traffic is hampered by people looking inside stores and restaurants simply for restroom access. Keep your attendees and businesses happy by utilizing our portable toilet options. Economical and sturdy, our portable toilets can be equipped with a whole host of options, including mirrors, foot-operated fresh water sinks, interior lights, and more. We can even provide ADA-compliant restrooms, perfect for the diverse needs of public event attendees.

Accompany the portable restrooms with our 2- or 4-station hand wash units and bolster a sanitary environment. No nearby sources of running water? No problem. Our hand wash stations can be equipped with hand sanitizer to accommodate your parade or public event regardless of where it’s being held.


Planning A Parade Or Public Event in DFW? Call Viking Fence!

Let Viking Fence rentals help organize your parade or public event. With over 40 years of market presence and experience, Viking Fence is the local provider you can trust. Have any questions about our rental options or installation services? Interested in receiving a FREE quote? Our staff is happy to help. Call today!