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Western Red Cedar Sawdust

At Viking Fence, we care about the environment. One way we do that is with how we consciously import and mill Western Red Cedar lumber. Our lumber is harvested responsibly from sustainable forests in the Pacific Northwest. Not only do we get our lumber from a renewable source, we use every inch of it. Western Red Cedar is such a high-quality material we even save the sawdust, because of its usefulness in many different applications. We provide free pickup at our Western Red Wood Mill, located in Austin, Texas.

What Are Benefits of Using Western Red Cedar Sawdust?

Western Red Cedar sawdust is very useful because it can be used for many different applications around a farm or a home in Dallas-Fort Worth. This sawdust is naturally resistant to decay and mold, making it perfect for mulch in planters and bedding in horse stables. Additionally, it can repel wood-consuming insects such as termites and carpenter ants. By applying Western Red Cedar sawdust around your property you can prevent wood-borrowing insects from causing damage around your farm or home.

Interesting Ways to Use Sawdust

Since our Western Red Cedar is 100% chemical-free, it is safe to use for farming and residential application around animals and plants.

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Farming Applications


Western Red Cedar sawdust is widely used by farmers for many different applications. Because it has a pleasing fragrance, it can be used in animal living and sleeping quarters like horse stalls, dog houses and chicken coops. Its unique fragrance and moisture-absorbing qualities disguise odors caused by animal waste. As an added bonus, Western Red Cedar adds warmth and comfort to animal bedding/floor padding.

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Residential Applications


Not only is Western Red Cedar great around the farm, but around the home too in numerous ways. Use it as a natural weed controller in a garden or yard by spreading cedar sawdust to keep irritating weeds at bay. Sawdust is also very useful for absorbing spills, making them easier to clean up afterward.


Get FREE Sawdust!

We offer free sawdust for pick up at our mill located in Austin, Texas.